D&D 4E: Keep on the Shadowfell

Session 2 - Irontooth

After regrouping the party spoke with Lord Padraig.  He requested that Panian assist the local church help with a sickness that has recently spread throughout some of the townsfolk.  It seems to be mostly affecting those living outside the walls of the city.  He also requested that Belamis take over and oversee some of the recommendations brought forward by Bural’s earlier inspection of their defenses.  The rest of the party decided they needed to return to the kobold lair as soon as possible.  Lord Padraig introduced the party to Amaelle, an elf ranger whom was also searching for a kobold lair in an attempt to find wolves recently stolen from their dens. 

The party set out towards the lair but upon arriving found it mostly empty.  I thorough search revealed a buried magical weapon, some equipment and cart trails leading out of the cave entrances.  The party followed the tail north only to find them ending at a ruined keep north of Winterhaven.  The party was able to spot several kobolds lurking in the shadows and skirted around the keep to gain combat advantage.  The fight that followed was chaotic but ended with the party being victorious.  They also found and killed Irontooth.  They then descended into the dungeon underneath the keep.


The party fought several kobolds and goblins to find themselves reaching an area of jail cells containing several wolf cubs and an imprisoned goblin.



* The party finds a note.

* Nenaeyeth notices dark discoloring appearing on various parts of her arms.

* Panian finds the sickness not to be related to a curse or magic of any kind.  Also several cats and a dog are also found to be sick or dead.

* Belamis finds the guards to be lacking in any real combat skills and determines them to be grossly inadequate in terms of being able to protect Winterhaven from anything but the smallest of threats.

Session 1 - Setup from the Beginning

Having worked for several months as Fallcrest city militia, Bural was approached by merchants seeking protection for their wagon heading toward Winterhaven.  Fallcrest had already let more than a dozen new recruits go and it looked like the next round of cuts were just around the corner.  Bural also knows the dragonborn and eladrin are the first to be let go in a human held city. Bural decided to take the protection offer from the merchants to see where it leads.


                Quokas “Q” left Hammerfast almost a year ago and has found it difficult to find work as a mercenary in Fallcrest over the past several months.   Maybe it’s because of all the city militia being recently unemployed and flooding the mercenary market, maybe it’s because most people are put off by a beardless dwarf.  Either way, Q isn’t one to wait for the fates to make up their minds so when he is approached with an offer to escort a merchant wagon to Winterhaven he accepts without hesitation.  The offer of free jerky and ale just sweetened the deal.


                Nenaeyeth found a convenient way travel to Winterhaven from Fallcrest via a merchant’s wagon.  Accompanied by a two warrior types she felt comforted by the fact that she wouldn’t be making her way along King’s Road unprotected.  Travel by wagon also provided time for her to study her tomes and spell books.


                Travel was relatively easy over the next few days having only one unexpected stop to repair a wheel and re-adjust a draft horse’s harness. Just ten miles before reaching Winterhaven the merchants decide to rest the horses and setup camp as nightfall approached. Guard duties where shared between the travelers and daylight was soon drowned out by ale, a warm camp fire, the night’s sky and sleep.  But the night would not end without incident. During one of the merchants guard shifts, Nenaeyeth (during her Eladrin sleep trance and having fought off the effects of spiked ale) observed the merchants climb upon one of the draft horses and ride away quietly from the camp. Finding this odd, she went to awaken the two sleeping mercenaries (Q and Bural) only to find them hard to rally.  They both had been heavy in drink and fell to ill effects of a sleep component.


                Just as the three would be adventures gathered themselves, the camp was descended upon by a dozen kobolds. They had been setup but fortunately Nenaeyeth’s resistance to the sleep potion effects kept them from being completely defenseless. Combat quickly ensued but the three adventures where outnumbered and still weak from the sleep effects.  As fortune would have it kobolds where not the only thing stirring that night.  Three travelers on foot from Fallcrest were also on King’s Road and pushing through the night.  Upon hearing the battle ahead, Belamis, Daveak and Panian (all of whom had been let go from the Fallcrest’s militia only days before) charged into the fray. The addition of two dragonborn and another dwarf quickly turned the tables on the un-expecting and ill prepared kobolds and the battle was quickly won.


                The kobolds leader had been subdued and quickly gave up information.  He claims that he was under orders from Irontooth (a goblin) to return with the wagon and the prisoners.  They were to tie up the three travelers who were supposed to be deeply sleeping. It was clear that Nenaeyeth, Q and Bural had been setup.  The wagon and travelers weren’t meant to reach Winterhaven.  But what were they meant for?  Why would merchants be doing business with kobolds?  What would kobolds need with horses, wagons, two eladrins and a dwarf? Either way, the adventures meant to find out.  After resting the remainder of the morning they set out with the Kobold leader at the lead.  They arrived at the supposed meeting place but were too late.  No one was there to meet them and they would have to wait to find out who the kobolds were to handover the wagon to.  A small debate ensued over what to do with the kobold leader and ended with kicking off the wagon but left alive.  He quickly made for the wood line.


                Arriving in Winterhaven with a full wagon on market day afforded them easy passage through the guarded gates.  The party split up with one group aiming to sell the wagon and its contents at the market and the other heading for the local Inn, intent on gaining information about where the traitorous merchants might be.  The party was able to sell much of the merchandise quickly asking only a fraction of its true worth.  They also were able to find the horse the merchants sold to a local smithy but there was no sign of the merchants themselves.  While speaking with locals they were able to determine that the town of Fallcrest may have a kobold problem.  Missing livestock and recent sightings suggest something is stirring things up and pushing the reptilian creatures from the foothills and closer to town.  Lord Padraig provided the party with a rough map showing the suspected location of the kobold lair to the south and promised to pay for their elimination.  Nenaeyeth was told of goblin sighting to the north, close to a long forgotten keep.  Lord Padraig also offered Bural, an experienced leader, a commission for reviewing Fallcrest’s current defenses, armory and town militia.  It’s clear that Lord Padraig is desperate for whatever help the party could provide and that Fallcrest may be the perfect place for the adventures to be of the most use.  It is a far cry from the overly populated and protected city of Fallcrest.


                Bural stayed in Fallcrest while the others headed to investigate the kobold lair.  They found the location easy enough and after viewing the kobold numbers decided to engage them and rid the area of their influence and possibly find Irontooth.  Gaining the upper hand they party heard one of the kobolds (perhaps the same one they booted from the wagon the previous night) yell out “Irontooth must be warned!” and a kobold near the cliffs darted into the waterfall and disappeared.  After downing the remaining vermin, Q charged in alone to see for himself what was on the other side of the waterfall.  A large open cavern and over a dozen armed and readied kobolds awaited him.  Being brash but not a fool, Q quickly made his exit and informed the party what he had seen.  Battle worn and missing a man the party decided to return to town, regroup, report what they’ve seen and return another day.


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