1st Level, Dwarf Cleric (Pat)


Panian Battlebeard of Hammerfast

Panian is a faithful follower of Moradin. He vows to meet adversity with stoicism and tenacity. He demonstrates loyalty to his family, clan, leaders and people. Always stern, he believes his path is to use strength to forge his mark on the world in the name of Moradin.

Panian is sensitive and quick tempered when races of taller stature reference his height regardless of context. He also is fond of robust and burley women especially if they have direct access to ale.

Panian has set out from Hammerfast in hopes to demonstrate to his deity that he is worthy of his charge. His goal is rid the realm of orc and evil alike and to one day build a beacon of Moradin’s hearth that will protect the surrounding country sides for decades to come.

Panian is currently traveling towards Winterhaven after a brief stay in Fallcrest. He is traveling with a small group of fellow adventures along Kings Road and as night approaches the group finds themselves just outside Gardbury Downs.


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