D&D 4E: Keep on the Shadowfell

Session 2 - Irontooth

After regrouping the party spoke with Lord Padraig.  He requested that Panian assist the local church help with a sickness that has recently spread throughout some of the townsfolk.  It seems to be mostly affecting those living outside the walls of the city.  He also requested that Belamis take over and oversee some of the recommendations brought forward by Bural’s earlier inspection of their defenses.  The rest of the party decided they needed to return to the kobold lair as soon as possible.  Lord Padraig introduced the party to Amaelle, an elf ranger whom was also searching for a kobold lair in an attempt to find wolves recently stolen from their dens. 

The party set out towards the lair but upon arriving found it mostly empty.  I thorough search revealed a buried magical weapon, some equipment and cart trails leading out of the cave entrances.  The party followed the tail north only to find them ending at a ruined keep north of Winterhaven.  The party was able to spot several kobolds lurking in the shadows and skirted around the keep to gain combat advantage.  The fight that followed was chaotic but ended with the party being victorious.  They also found and killed Irontooth.  They then descended into the dungeon underneath the keep.


The party fought several kobolds and goblins to find themselves reaching an area of jail cells containing several wolf cubs and an imprisoned goblin.



* The party finds a note.

* Nenaeyeth notices dark discoloring appearing on various parts of her arms.

* Panian finds the sickness not to be related to a curse or magic of any kind.  Also several cats and a dog are also found to be sick or dead.

* Belamis finds the guards to be lacking in any real combat skills and determines them to be grossly inadequate in terms of being able to protect Winterhaven from anything but the smallest of threats.


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